Can you believe it?

Can you believe it? You’re in love, make a podcast to learn your girlfriend a little bit of Dutch. While doing that you get feedback, tips and now I’ve hit the Dutch Podcasting TOP-40 at place 34. This is possible because some people listen to the podcast through this page and rate it. The higher rating and the more listeners in a certain period will help you grow. Incredible for this podcast and I find it so funny! Thanks people!

7 thoughts on “Can you believe it?”

  1. i suspected as much. i am here for the same reason. i am in love with a dutch girl! great work, i love the pace, many of the things i have tried go too fast for me to separate the words and because of that I can now write dutch with her much better than I can speak it. now i can work on getting my spoken dutch up to speed. Thanks!

  2. I think i write better than speaks dutch so it was a great help indeed to master speaking by hearing it said the right and precise way. My bf will surely be happy as i progress my dutch speaking skills. Alles bedank!

  3. Hoi. Bedankt voor de website. Ik ben pas vij manden van boeken gestudeeerd.

    Also in love with a Dutch man I met on the net over a year ago and planning a move to the land of Windmills, salmiak (wtf?) and oliebollen! JA! Dit is voor mij erg spannend!

    Dag en alweer dank u.

  4. Hi there. I am very happy to find this pod-cast to help me study dutch. At the moment I live in japan and here finding dutch friends, exept my husband whom I met here, is very difficult. and therefore, studying Dutch becomes almost impossible.
    Moverove, I had a question and thatwould be, do you use any materials for your pod-casts and the information you give. Sometimes I find the contrary to what i have learnd. Like the fact that you can’t use credit cards in to buy train tickets.

    Anyhow, Keep up your work. You are doing a very very good job.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the thumps up! I work hard to be as correct as possible on the information I give. The example you give on the train tickets is true. There is one exception and that is Schiphol Airport where they have Visa and Master, but only above a certain amount and not at the other trainstations. There is no support for American Express or Diners Club. Quite immature.

    I guess the Dutch are sometimes different, but hey what nation isn’t? Keep up the lessons and enjoy!



  6. Brenno, an invaluable & excellent site that has given so many people the opportunity to learn the Dutch language.
    I’m about to leave the picture perfect shores of Scotland to be with my beautiful wife in the Netherlands.
    Your site is has given me the perfect directions to my loved one!! 😉

    A big thank you………

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