Laura speaks Dutch #1: greetings and capitals

In this first episode we focus on the very principles of a conversation: greeting. Saying good morning, good afternoon or good evening makes the difference. We learn how we can get a conversation started. After that we look at the funny system in the Netherlands with two capitals: Amsterdam and The Hague. A good start on your exploration of the Netherlands.Building for joint sessions of parliament

18 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #1: greetings and capitals”

  1. Cool! I just learned my first words dutch! oh darn, I’m a dutchman for 17 yrs already lol..

    Nice podcast! Don’t drink tooooooo much alcohol like I just did ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you so much for learning duch!

  2. He Laura, nice to see that you are learning to speak Dutch! And welcome to the family! See you soon in the Netherlands.

  3. By the way, you told us there’s a max. of 5 minutes for an episode, now this is 6.36 ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. I LOVE this podcast and really appreciate your magnificent efforts here – you have such a clear speaking voice and really excellent pronunciation.

    I just want to point out that you say “learn” in English when you should say “teach”? You want to TEACH people Dutch and we want to LEARN. I know this is difficult, because in Dutch, the verbs for “to learn” and “to teach” are the same, which is very unfortunate!

    I’m learning Dutch because, almost 4 years ago and at the ripe old age of 43, I met my soulmate on the Internet and she turned out to live in The Netherlands. I live in Scotland.; although I spend as much time as I can in Holland.

    Dank je wel nogmaals voor jouw inspanningen.

  5. I am excited to find this site. I have been looking for a good online Dutch conversation site to help me to learn some Dutch before I take classes. Thank you for making the site so easy to use and the information so applicable.

  6. Need Help!!! How do I download the file to my computer and put it on my MP3 player??? Please, someone help me here.

  7. Hi Bob,

    What kind of MP3-player have you got? Maybe I can help you out. Also what operating system (e.g. Windows, Mac OSX or Linux) are you runnining?



  8. Thank you so much for publishing this podcast. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Also, it makes it much easier to pronounce the words with the written form in front of me, so thanks for providing that too.

    I have many colleagues in Holland, and it is great to show my appreciation for them by โ€œtryingโ€ to learn their language.

    Dank u wel,

  9. hi Brenno, thanks for your podcast, it is a great help refreshing my Dutch (I used to live in the Netherlands for a while). And since I listen to it while jogging, it even helped me increase my running distance! It is so interesting, I just don’t want to stop (= more km) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep it up!

  10. Hoi Brenno! Groetjes uit NZ! Jou podcast is wel leuk! ik heb een nederlands vreind, hij is weer in NL, en ik kom ook terug voor vakantie in December! This is a great way to learn! And free- even better! I’m curious about the love story of Laura and you! Woon zij nu in NL?
    Bedankt! elle

  11. Hey Brenno,

    Thank you very much for your website and excellent podcasts. I am really enjoying learning Dutch. Though, it is quite tough for me to pronounce the words I am trying my best.

    I am working for NXP Semiconductors from Bangalore, India. I have many nice colleagues in Holland, and it is wonderful to show my appreciation for them by โ€œtryingโ€ to learn their language.

    I’ll be visiting Nijmegen during early December and I am eagerly looking forward to meet you sometime there.

    Thanks and Regards,

  12. I love your podcast. You’re perfect for learning and the background music makes me laugh every time! Keep it up. I love it!

  13. Ever since I visited Holland last summer, I had been interested in learning Dutch. I live in Houston, Texas and it has been impossible to find a place to learn the language without traveling to the Netherlands. I ran across your website and am very pleased to be learning a few good phrases for my next trip! Thank You!

  14. I just got back from Amsterdam 3 days ago and took a pic in that same shoe!

    I want to move to Holland at some point in the near future and I really have been trying to learn Dutch, but everyone has different learning patterns and I learn best by having a teacher.

    I have books and audio cd’s but I don’t really seem to be learning much from them.

    I have searched and searched for schools or language schools that offer Dutch here in Houston and they do not exist! What is up with that?! I found your site on google when looking for any Dutch courses here. Do you know anyone? Anyway I like your website and if you go to any Dutch events here in Houston I would love to attend too!

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