Laura speaks Dutch #3: Ordering drinks, counting

In this episode we look at the airport. When we arrive a drink is welcome, so let’s learn how to order that. We request beers, wine or coffee to get the party going. Since you cannot survive on one drink we need to count as well. We finish off on some background information about Schiphol Airport. As of now all words you learn are also in the blog.

So this is what you learn this time:
Good day, welcome to the third episode of Laura speaks Dutch | Goedendag, welkom bij de derde aflevering van Laura speaks Dutch
My name Brenno de Winter | Mijn naam is Brenno de Winter
Airport | Luchthaven
Schiphol Airport | Luchthaven Schiphol
Good day I’d like to order a beer | Goedendag, ik wil graag een bier bestellen
Good day I would like to order two glasses of wine | Goedendag, ik wil graag twee glazen wijn bestellen
Good day could I could you give me three cups of coffee please? | Goedendag, mag ik drie kopjes koffie alstublieft?
Please | Alstublieft
Thank you | Dank u wel
One | Een
Two | Twee
Three | Drie
Four | Vier
Five | Vijf
Six | Zes
Seven | Zeven
Eight | Acht
Nine | Negen
Ten | Tien
Thank you for listening | Dank u wel voor het luisteren

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