Laura speaks Dutch #4: Some more counting

In this lesson we take the counting a little bit further and go all the way to twenty. One thing you can see that after twelve we say the number as we learned it below ten and at tien (which means ten). In the explaination we talk about money. Not only our currency the euro, but also paying with credit cards.

Here is the list of words you learn:
– Welcome to Laura speaks Dutch | Welkom bij Laura speaks Dutch
– This is the fourth episode | Dit is de vierde aflevering
– Zero | Nul
– Eleven | Elf
– Twelve | Twaalf
– Thirteen | Dertien
– Fourteen | Veertien
– Fifteen | Vijftien
– Sixteen | Zestien
– Seventeen | Zeventien
– Eightteen | Achttien
– Nineteen | Negenteen
– Twenty | Twintig
– Guilder | Gulden
– Thank you for listening | Dank u wel voor het luisteren
– Let’s meet next time (in the sense of the show) | Tot volgende keer
– And | En

2 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #4: Some more counting”

  1. Hello Brenno,

    I just wanted to thank you for doing such great podcasts.

    My husband and I have just moved to East Flanders and although we’re having lessons each week in dutch, we love your podcasts and they help so much with our homework.

    We’re driving around France on holiday this week and you’ve been with us all the way.

    Many thanks again, please don’t stop

    Tot ziens!


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