Laura speaks Dutch #5: Getting a check and paying

After some lessons getting to the point where we can order and count, we now need to pay the bill and ask for it. After learning that we touch on the subject of giving a tip (or not). The Netherlands is quite different from for instance the United States.

Here’s what you learn:
– Welcome to the fifth Laura speaks Dutch | Welkom bij de vijfde Laura speaks Dutch
– My name is Brenno de Winter | Mijn naam is Brenno de Winter
– Waiter may I have the check, please? | Ober mag ik de rekening, alstublieft?
– Of course, sir | Natuurlijk meneer
– Of course, madamme | Natuurlijk mevrouw
– Seven euros and fifty cents | Zeven euro vijftig
– Okay | Okee
– Here you have eight euros | Hier heeft u acht euro
– You can keep the difference | Houdt u de rest maar
– Thank you, madamme | Dankuwel, mevrouw
– Have a nice day | Prettige dag nog
– See you | Tot ziens
– Tip | Fooi


7 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #5: Getting a check and paying”

  1. Thanks so much for making this public! I’m coming to the Netherlands in November from Texas and wanted to learn enough Dutch to be able to move about independently. This is really working!

    Also, thanks for slowing down the longer sentences in this lesson. Sometimes my friend tries to teach me things in Dutch and he says a sentence and my only response is, “huh?”

    Thanks again!

  2. Heya Kelly,

    Welcome here and thanks for your sweet remarks. If there are any type of conversations you want to learn please let me know. Have fun learning!



  3. What a great podcast! I wanted to learn Dutch but the problem was that most things I found on the Internet were written only, so I never knew hgow to actually say the things!

    I have just one question for you: I’m more in contact with Belgian people and I would like to know if the Dutch (or rather Flemish) accent in Belgium is very different from the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands.

    Thanks again for your wonderful job!


  4. Good question. The Dutch speaking part of Belgium used to be part of the Netherlands. This was a cosnequence of a lost war by Napoleon in 1815. However we couldn’t make them too happy, since they decided to claim independence in 1830. The language they speak is actually the same, but evolved somewhat different. They can understand you, but some words have a different connotation nowadays.

    There are games on television where they make Dutch and Belgians spell our language. Generally the Dutch tend to loose.

  5. I am very glad to find this website and am getting excited to learn Dutch from it. Thank you so much to make this podcast happen and I hope it goes on and on. Now I have a better and practical way to learn Dutch.

  6. I’m DRUFI, Music Producer from Australia, and i find Brenno De Winter’s “Laura Speaks Dutch” extremely helpful as i have a girlfriend IN holland, so it is my secret weapon to learning dutch in a fun easy way. i hope to surprise everyone with my new dutch skills when i go there next march 2010, dank u weer Meneer De Winter!

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