Laura speaks Dutch #11: Grammar I/You/She/He/They and to be

This pub was all orange (oranje) now they have to repaintThis podcast is dealing with some grammar. Am I angry with you listeners that I do that? You bet! The Netherlands were kicked out of the world championships socker and that’s sad of course. So I take it out on you with some grammar. So hard work this time, not the most energizing but it has to be done. Still I hope you enjoy it. Read on to see what you learn.

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Here’s what you learn:

  • I | Ik
  • You | Jij
  • She | Zij
  • He | Hij
  • We | Wij
  • You | Jullie
  • They | Zij
  • I’m Brenno | Ik ben Brenno
  • You are Laura | Jij bent Laura
  • She’s sweet | Zij is lief
  • He’s friendly | Hij is vriendelijk
  • We are professional | Wij zijn professioneel
  • You are brilliant | Jullie zijn brilliant
  • They are good | Zij zijn goed
  • I am | Ik ben
  • You are | Jij bent
  • She is | Zij is
  • He is | Hij is
  • We are | We zijn
  • You are | Jullie zijn
  • They are | Zij zijn

2 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #11: Grammar I/You/She/He/They and to be”

  1. Jammer – Pity about the soccer.

    De groetjes uit North Carolina in de VS! (Greetings from North Carolina)
    Great podcast! Although I already know some Dutch from having lived in Holland, I find the podcast quite entertaining, and I’m trying to get my wife to learn by playing the podcast for her in the car. Keep up the great work!


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