Laura speaks Dutch #6: Public transportation

This time we focus on public transportation. Even though we complain a lot about the public transport we actually have a good system that is quite reliable. Despite some small delays it covers the vast majority of our country.

– Excuse me for interrupting you | Sorry dat ik u even stoor
– At which platform can I find the train to Amsterdam? | Op welk perron komt de trein naar Amsterdam?
– The train to Amsterdam will leave from platform number two | De trein naar Amsterdam vertrekt van spoor twee
– Sorry where is that track exactly? | Pardon waar is dat spoor precies?
– Right there ma’am | Daar, mevrouw
– Strip card (ticket for busses, trams and subways) | Strippenkaart
– Transfer | Overstap
– Drive black (travelling without a ticket) | Zwart rijden
– Have a nice trip | Prettige reis

A special thank you goes out to Martijn Warnas who explains all about how the systems works. Really great thanks, since it is a great contribution!!

3 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #6: Public transportation”

  1. I just discovered this podcast. Thank you so much for this great service! My one comment so far would be for this 6th episode: when Mr. Warnas is speaking, it is very difficult to understand him because the background music is so loud. Is there a way to change that? Dank U wel!

  2. This is amazing! thanks so much for all this work you’ve done. It’s very very useful, I’m learning a lot


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