Laura speaks Dutch #7: The worldcup soccer

Many of you will be well aware that this week the world championships soccer start. For the Netherlands this is a big thing, especially since we qualified to play. Soccer is important and especially during these games. So it is useful to know some words, some phrases to make a good impression and of course I’ll tell you all about the background. Why are we all orange? Why do we need to win from Germany? Is it safe to go to the pub and watch a game?

This is what you’ll learn this lesson:
– Welcome to the seventh Laura speaks Dutch | Welkom bij de zevende Laura speaks Dutch
– My name is Brenno de Winter | Mijn naam is Brenno de Winter
– What a nice match it was | Wat een mooie wedstrijd was dat
– The first goal was great | Het eerste doelpunt was geweldig
– The last goal was just okay | Het laatste doelpunt ging wel
– I’m so happy you guys won the match | Ik ben zo blij dat jullie de wedstrijd gewonnen hebben
– It’s so sad to see the Netherlands loose | Het is ongelofelijk jammer dat jullie verloren hebben
– Now that you’ve this match, I suspect you will be champion | Nu jullie deze wedstrijd gewonnen hebben, denk ik dat jullie kampioen gaan worden
– Referee | Scheidsrechter
– Goal | Doelpunt
– Penalty | Penalty
– Coach | Trainer
– Orange | Oranje
– Have a good match | Prettige wedstrijd

4 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #7: The worldcup soccer”

  1. I just discovered recently on iTunes and I am hooked! I have a friend in the Netherlands and I can’t wait to surprise her with my Dutch! Thank you very much for the lessons. I especially enjoyed Lesson Two’s, “I am from San Diego” as I am from San Diego. The most recent one about the World Cup, or as you say the World Championships is great too.

    Hup Holland Hup!

  2. hi,

    I live in america and i think the show is cool. I have just signed up for the podcast. I play a lot of soccer and i want to start going overseas with my futbol team and play in tournaments and when traveling the country during the tournament i wanted to be able to speak the native language. since i know my family can’t speak andy dutch and I rely on them. Plus Holland sounds like it’s a cool place and i want to visit.


    Cool Show

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