Laura speaks Dutch #9: Talking to your sweetheart

In this episode we focus on the phrases that help loved to meet and of course to do the nescessary maintance on the relationship. You won’t learn explicit language here, but things you ought to know at least. Given the initial goal of the podcast this episode was long overdue. Here’s what you learn:

  • Welcome to the ninth episode of Laura speaks Dutch | Welkom bij de negende aflevering van Laura speaks Dutch

  • My name is Brenno de Winter | Mijn naam is Brenno de Winter

  • This time we are going to do something special | Deze keer gaan we iets bijzonders doen

  • Can I introduce myself? My name is Laura | Mag ik me even voorstellen? Mijn naam is Laura!

  • You are so funny | Je bent zo grappig

  • Gorgeous | Schitterend

  • When will I see you again? | Wanneer zie ik je weer?

  • Would you like to go out with me? | Wil je met me uit gaan?

  • Do you want to have lunch with me sometime? | Zullen we een keer gaan lunchen?

  • Yes | Ja

  • No | Nee

  • I fell in love with you | Ik ben verliefd op je

  • You’re always on the top of my mind | Ik denk continu aan je

  • You look breathtaking beautiful | Je bent adembenemend mooi

  • I love you | Ik hou van jou

  • I need you | Ik heb je nodig

  • Oh it’s good to see you again | Oh het is toch zo goed je weer te zien

  • I missed you | Ik heb je gemist

  • Sweetheart | Lieverd

  • Honey | Schatje

  • That was great | Dat was geweldig

5 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #9: Talking to your sweetheart”

  1. This is really good. Thank you for doing this and also that you have the text here as well. It helps to expand your vocabulary to read what you are saying. I am currently studying NT2 courses and this helps. dank u zeer … heel graag

  2. Hiii .. this is a great lesson 🙂
    Laura is lucky really, and i managed after this one to paint a smile on my sweat heart face 🙂
    Thanks meneer

  3. Thanks a lot for this podcast which is awesome!!!

    In case you still read the comments, or if anyone else comes here and knows about it, I was wondering: can we use “Liefje” in a similar sense as “Lieverd”?

    Dankuwell 🙂

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