Laura speaks Dutch #13: From A through Z

In this lesson we’re going to continue where we stopped. It’s time for some general knowledge and that means we’re going to focus on the alphabeth. That means that there is no real conversation, but still your voice is needed!

For those of you wondering what we have been up to the last couple of weeks …. here’s some evidence:

Laura and Brenno ready for lunch in Utrecht

5 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #13: From A through Z”

  1. Thank you, I doubt before this podcast if there was an easy way to hear the pronunciation of all of the Dutch alphabet on the internet. I do find that the Spanish alphabet is also very similar to it, perhaps even more so than English.

    I especially love the pronunciation of the letter “j”, sounds like “yay!”

  2. Ik ben Braziliaan en ik heb het Nederlands gestudeerd sinds het jaar 1989.Ik heb wel hier en daar enkele moeilijkheden met het uitspraak van wat letters.Ik spreek geen Nederlands, maar ik scrijf het wel een beetje.Ik heb nooit een leraar gehad.Ik zit hier met zelfstudie.Ik ben mijn eigen leraar.In het begin vond ik de uitspraak van de “g” erg, erg moeilijk!!

    Gefeliciteerd met jouw website!

    Jalmo, uit het verre Braziliƫ!

  3. Im really surprised how similar is dutch alphabet to da spanish one, it will be very easy for anyone who already speak spanish to learn it.

  4. Wow! I thought the alphabet sounded the same in Dutch and in Flemish (Belgian Dutch), but I notice you pronounce an ‘ay’ after many consonants. It’s interesting to know this. I also find that it could be easier for native Spanish speakers to learn Dutch than for English ones in regards to the letter sounds, yet Spanish has a Romanic/Latin root rather than a Germanic as both Dutch and English. Curious… no? Thanks for your podcast and I hope you are doing well. Any new “Laura speaks Dutch” podcasts in the future.

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