Laura speaks Dutch #14: About today

One of the important things to keep a conversation going is telling what you have been doing today. Where did you go, what did you eat, etc.

– Hey Laura, How are you? | He Laura hoe gaat het met jou?

– Fine! | Prima!

– I went out for some relaxation | Ik ben uit geweest voor wat ontspanning

– Oh Nice! | Oh leuk!

– I went out to the beach near Den Haag that is called Scheveningen | I ben uit geweest naar het strand bij Den Haag. Dat heet Scheveningen

I had a great walk on the beach. Get your feet wet a little. That is delicious | Ik heb lekker langs het strand gelopen en heerlijk pootje gebaaid.

Then I went to the pier and finally for a great meal! Gosh what is that food good! | Daarna ben ik de pier op geweest. Tot slot heb ik heerlijk gegeten. God, wat was dat eten lekker!

– Sounds like you had a great time! Next time bring your girlfriend! | Klinkt alsof jij het geweldig gehad hebt. De volgende keer moet je echt je vriendin meenemen!

– Ehh ….. | Ehhh …….

6 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #14: About today”

  1. Waarom spreken de Nederlanders van zichzelf? Zij zeggen altijd iets over hun dag, leven en beroep? Ik heb een vriendin in Den Bosch die altijd iets zegt over haar tegenwoordige toestand, als bijvoorbeeld: haar gezin, man, beroep onder andere…Waarom?

    Maar wel, ik vind dat mooi!

  2. Hi Brenno,

    Thanks for this podcast project. It does help a great deal. I know it might be a lot to ask, but how about a podcast with some of the most common sayings in Dutch and there meanings?

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I love this website and your podcasts… it’s really funny, i just visited Holland and met my old geocities pen pal of 9 years for the first time… so now i am all reved up to learn Dutch.. it’s like this page was made just for me.. (my name is also Laura).. haha

    thanks for your time and effort in helping everyone learn Dutch..

    your the best!!!


  4. Breeno!!! This is great!! Nicki & I just listened to you & Laura singing and got a GREAT laugh!!! Thank you….you are so cute!!

  5. This is fun so don’t listen to those negative people about your love. It is the same in America people love to tear you down because they don’t have the guts to be happy. go with your feelings, life is short

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