Laura speaks Dutch #15: Birthday song

As requested by two listeners it is now time to sing a birthday song. Of course you’ll find out that I cannot sing at all, but who cares? Everybody sings: EVEN LAURA! Yes you’ll get to hear her contribution as well. The song we sing is very simpel:

Long will she live! | Lang zal ze leven!
In glory | In de gloria (just for this song don’t use this in sentences!)

She’ll live high | Ze leve hoog

That is basically all please now see the whole song.

The whole song then goes like this:
Lang zal ze leven!
Lang zal ze leven!
Lang zal ze leven in de gloria!
In de gloria!
In de gloria!

CHEERING: Hieper de piep HOERA! (3X times or as many times as the age)

Ze leve hoog, ze leve hoog!
Ze leve hoog, ze leve hoog!
Ja, hoog!
Ze leven hoog!

No go and show off with this! The website Kats-in-Klompen (Cats in Clogs) also celebrates birthdays right now!

11 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #15: Birthday song”

  1. Hallo!

    I just want to say thank you very much for everything on your website. I have just met a wonderful Dutch man who speaks fluent English but I really wanted to learn some Dutch for him too, your site is perfect! Not only can I tell him sweet and loving things that you can’t find in any language learning book but now you have taught me how to sing for his upcoming birthday, I think that will definitely be a surprise! Thank you for all your hard work and I hope you get a lot of pride and enjoyment from knowing you are helping people learn and adding something special to so many long-distance relationships.


  2. Dag !!
    Well I jsut Want To Say Thank You Very Much To This Program And This Site, How You Making Was So Nice!
    And My Boy Friend Is Dutch.And That’s Why Im Happy To Have This Site.
    So I Can Start To Learning This Language.As I Can.

    Thank You Very Much For Your Hard Work.
    Im So happy With Every Thing You Do On This Site.Because This Site helping me So Much To Learn Dutch.

    Dank U Wel
    Laura Speaks Dutch:)


  3. Thanks again. It was very exciting, listening to the children in my class sing in so many languages. They are still running around the class yelling, “Hieper de piep HOERA!” Very cute.


  4. I’ve just joined this site and it’s wonderful! My girlfriend is dutch (how typical of this website!) and I remember her singing this on my Birthday. Thanks for showing us how its sung.

  5. wish I saw this a month back, so I could sing this for my husband (who’s Dutch) on his b’day. He’s already proud of what little Dutch I can manage (which is very little that I learnt from CDs and Jip en Janneke books). New to this site and findin it very helpful. Dank u zeer!!
    Groeten van India!

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