Laura speaks Dutch #16: Cats and Dogs

Chaz, Laura's CatLet’s for a change spend time on animals. Many people love them and there is a lot of talk about that. Of course we’ll spend time on “raining cats and dogs” as well. Here’s what you’ll learn:

– Oh nice, you’ve got a cat | Oh leuk, je hebt een kat
– Yes! His name is Chaz | Ja zijn naam is Chaz
– Can I pad him? | Kan ik hem aaien?
– Sure, he likes that | Zeker dat vindt hij wel leuk!
– Cat (male) | Kat
– Cat (female) | Poes
– I’m allergic to cats | Ik ben allergisch voor katten
– Dog | Hond
– Dogs | Honden
– I’m allergic to dogs | Ik ben allergisch voor honden
– I’m fond of dogs | Ik ben dol op honden
– How old is your dog? | Hoe oud is uw hond?
– It’s raining cats and dogs | Het regent pijpestelen

2 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #16: Cats and Dogs”

  1. Hello!!
    My name is marianna and i am following this podcast since June!
    I am really excited and i am waiting the new lessons each time…
    I leave in the NL and i am planning to stay i am trying to learn dutch alone!
    Keep up the good job…
    It would be nicer to have more lessons to follow…
    Dank je wel,

    Vr. Groet,

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