Laura speaks Dutch#18: Time for breakfast

In this new episode we focus again on food. We Dutch eat bread and we like that sweet for breakfast. So brace yourself for cholocate and enjoy! Oh yeah peanut butter might work too! Again a sweet lesson :).

Good morning sweet heart Did you sleep okay? | Goede morgen lieverd. Heb je lekker geslapen?

Oh yes I did! Do you feel like breakfast? | Jazeker. Heb je zin in ontbijt?

Yeah! | Jazeker!

What would you like on your bread? Hagelslag? | Wat wil je op brood, hagelslag?

Sorry but what is hagelslag? | Sorry, maar wat is hagelslag?

Oh that are small pieces of chocolate. | Oh dat zijn kleine stukjes chocolade.

In what color are they? | In welke kleur heb je dat?

Well, actually they exist in white, brown and dark brown. Of course there are mixes as well | Nou ze bestaan in wit, bruin en donkerbruin. Natuurlijk zijn er ook mixen beschikbaar.

I don’t know | Ik weet het niet

We have even chocolate in flocks. | We hebben zelf chocolade in vlokken.

Don’t you Dutch have sometimes peanutbutter for breakfast? | Hebben jullie Nederlands niet soms pindakaas als ontbijt?

Sure we do! | Natuurlijk wel!

Ok I’ll take that! | Oh dan neem ik dat!

Enjoy your meal! | Eet smakelijk!

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  1. Dankuwel !! I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH because your blog stimulates my passion to keep going on my Dutch course. My boyfriend is a Dutch and we plan to marry next year.Now I am learning Dutch in Taiwan , but as you know, it is so difficult to learn Dutch well, I almost quit.Suddenly I found your blog and I start to feel it is interesting to learn Dutch . YOU DO A GOOD JOB. ^_^

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