Laura speaks Dutch #17: Strange things we Dutch eat

Welcome to a brand new Laura speaks Dutch that has been placed on a brand new server. Our previous server broke down (the cpu overheated) and a new one is in place. That means that the sites will be quicker and it is even more fun to create podcasts and put them online.

This time we focus on the strange things the Dutch eat. From herring to French Fries we make a meal or a snack out of it. You learn to say the following:

  • Hey, what are you eating? | He, wat eet jij?
  • I’m having a herring | Ik eet een haring
  • Can you eat that, raw fish? | Kun je dat zomaar eten, rauwe vis?
  • Yeah sure, if it is cleaned properly you can | Jawel hoor! Als hij goed is schoon gemaakt wel!
  • Does it taste good, such a herring? | Smaakt dat lekker zo’n haring?
  • It depends. Some people like it, some hate it. So you like it or you don’t | Dat hangt er vanaf sommige mensen vinden het lekker, anderen haten het. Dus je houdt ervan of niet!
  • How are you supposed to eat it? | Hoe moet je dit eten?
  • Well you take it by the tail and hold it above your head. Then you take a bite | Nou je pakt het bij de staart en houdt het boven je hoofd. Dan neem je er een hap van.
  • I guess that’s nothing for me. Isn’t there another traditional snack I can take? | Volgens mij is het niets voor mij. Is er geen andere traditionele snack die ik kan nemen?
  • Maybe you like poffertjes better. That are tiny pancakes with white sugar. A typical Dutch snack. | Misschien hou je meer van poffertjes. Dat zijn kleine pannenkoeken met witte suiker. Een typische Nederlandse snack
  • I’ll try that! Thanks! Poffertjes, right? | Ik ga dat dan proberen! Bedankt! Poffertjes, toch?
  • Yes, have fun! | Ja! Veel plezier

9 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #17: Strange things we Dutch eat”

  1. I’m coming to holland in a few days and your site and podcasts are a big help! I’ll be living in rotterdam for two months for an artist residency, if you live near there, or find yourself visiting, maybe you’ll come see me and let me buy you a beer to say thank you for providing this service.

  2. I have only listened to the first two lessons, but I am already excited about this site.
    I have been looking for a good site from which to learn some more Dutch before I take classes.
    Thank you for making the site so easy to use and the information so applicable.

  3. I spent all day listening to all seventeen of your podcasts in one go… it kind of messed my head up a bit (I’m in Canada, so I’m hearing English, French (which I don’t speak), and now Dutch (which I only know a little bit), but that’s ok.

    One question, though. Where is the Dubbel zout licorice? Everybody should try that! hehe

  4. Another thank you (dank u wel). Spent 13 days in Belgium and Holland and got by on about 30 words of Dutch.

    Most people were amused (and pleased) that we bothered to try.

    The letters and numbers (while basic), also really helped on the rail system (listening to announcements).

  5. Hello

    Ik ben uit Slowakije. Ik vond je site alleen deze maand. Ik leer nederlands nu voor 5 maanden maar vind je website echt nuttig. Ik ben met mijn nederlandse liefje nu voor 2 jaar samen en gauw ga ik naar Nederland verhuizen dus heb ik nederlandse taal nodig. Je website is een grote help voor mij. Bedankt voor je help 🙂


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