Nominated for the BOBs (so proud!!)

Just before I boarded a flight to San Diego I learned that “Laura speaks Dutch” has been nominated as the best blog in the Podcast-category with the “Best of the Blogs”. Since someone took the effort of nominating this and we have been selected in the top-10 I’m so proud and grateful! I never anticipated this when I started a ‘joke’ with this website! Thanks!

Laura speaks Dutch on CD!

Most people listen to the podcast on a mp3-player, but not all of you. Several people listen through the website and miss out on the Laura speaks Dutch CDlessons on the road. Laura is one of those persons and that is a very good reason to burn the episodes on CD. When doing that through they take care of the distribution. So if you feel like listening from a cd you can burn it yourself (yes that’s okay) or order it online (and sponsor me on the airfare). What ever you do enjoy. On the first CD episode one through seven fit. In a couple of days the second cd will be made available.

The price is $9 (€7.25 approx.) for the cd and will charge some for delivery. I like it so Laura knows her CD should reach her any moment now! She – of course – gets the first cd.

Laura speaks Dutch #19: Aap Noot Mies

Aap Noot MiesAs children most Dutch learned Aap Noot Mies the row of words and names. This came with some pictures. As I noticed the youngsters don’t learn this, but older people probably still know it (it’s a true classic). On the right you see a picture of this, but this guy has a whole site dedicated to this (in Dutch).
Okay here we go with the things we learn this time:
  • Monkey | Aap
  • Nut | Noot
  • Mies (name)
  • Wim (name)
  • Sister | Zus
  • Jet (name)
  • Teun (name)
  • Fire | Vuur
  • Gijs (name)
  • Lamb | Lam
  • Kees (name)
  • He-goat | bok
  • Grasland | Weide
  • Does (name)
  • Pen | Hok
  • Pigeon | Duif
  • Sheep | Schapen