Laura speaks Dutch #19: Aap Noot Mies

Aap Noot MiesAs children most Dutch learned Aap Noot Mies the row of words and names. This came with some pictures. As I noticed the youngsters don’t learn this, but older people probably still know it (it’s a true classic). On the right you see a picture of this, but this guy has a whole site dedicated to this (in Dutch).
Okay here we go with the things we learn this time:
  • Monkey | Aap
  • Nut | Noot
  • Mies (name)
  • Wim (name)
  • Sister | Zus
  • Jet (name)
  • Teun (name)
  • Fire | Vuur
  • Gijs (name)
  • Lamb | Lam
  • Kees (name)
  • He-goat | bok
  • Grasland | Weide
  • Does (name)
  • Pen | Hok
  • Pigeon | Duif
  • Sheep | Schapen

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