Laura speaks Dutch on CD!

Most people listen to the podcast on a mp3-player, but not all of you. Several people listen through the website and miss out on the Laura speaks Dutch CDlessons on the road. Laura is one of those persons and that is a very good reason to burn the episodes on CD. When doing that through they take care of the distribution. So if you feel like listening from a cd you can burn it yourself (yes that’s okay) or order it online (and sponsor me on the airfare). What ever you do enjoy. On the first CD episode one through seven fit. In a couple of days the second cd will be made available.

The price is $9 (€7.25 approx.) for the cd and will charge some for delivery. I like it so Laura knows her CD should reach her any moment now! She – of course – gets the first cd.

3 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch on CD!”

  1. The mp3’s are perfect for learning on the go, but could you please put all of them together in a zip file for easier downloading? I just discovered this great site, but clicking through the archives to download all the old mp3’s takes a while.

    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the good work here, as asked above , is there a way i could download all files togather on a zip or somthing?

    thanks again

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