Laura speaks Dutch #20: Asking directions

One of the scary things is finding your way in a foreign country. With this lessons I’m helping you get started on asking the directions and then telling where to go. Hopefully this wil help you understand your own directions. At the end there is a funny GPS-system notification spoken by a Dutch politician. The lesson is somewhat longer, but it is overloaded with good knowledge and content. So enjoy! To see what you learn read on.

Here are the words/sentences you will learn

  • Left | Links

  • Right | Rechts

  • Hi! I’m looking for directions to Ocean Beach | Hallo. Ik zoek de route naar Ocean Beach.

  • Oh sure. Listen up! | Natuurlijk! Let op!

  • Drive off the parking lot of the DMV and make a right turn | Rijdt het parkeerterrein van het CBR af en sla dan rechts af

  • Make a left at the intersection | Sla linksaf op de kruising

  • At the traffic lights make a left | Bij de verkeerslichten linksaf

  • At the second crossing enter the 163 | Neem dan bij de tweede kruising de oprit van de snelweg 163

  • Drive ahead and take 8 westbound | Rij door tot de snelweg 8 en kies voor de westelijke richting

  • Now watch the traffic when entering and watch the steep curve | Nou, kijk goed uit en let op de scherpe bocht

  • Once on the interstate take the far most left lane | Als je eenmaal op de autosnelweg zit kies dan de meest linkse baan

  • This way will turn into the Ocean Beach Freeway | Deze weg gaat over in de Ocean Beach Freeway

  • At the end take a left and then immediately after the crossing a right | Sla aan het einde links af en na de kruising rechtsaf

  • Now you enter Ocean Beach the beach will be at your right. Enjoy! | Nu rijdt u Ocean Beach binnen. Het strand is aan de rechter kant. Veel plezier!

  • Thank you | Dankuwel!

Now the TomTom-message:

  • After 800 meters turn left at the roundabout. Look it’s Jan Marijnissen! | Na 800 meter ga op de rotonde linksaf. Kijk Jan Marijnissen. Toet toet

8 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #20: Asking directions”

  1. Hi there! I really enjoy your podcast alot! I hope you upload more soon! cant wait to hear more from you!!
    oh yeah! bedankt!

  2. A friend in my Dutch class recommended me this podcast. I think it’s really great and you put so much effort and hard work into it. Thanks so much for this – it helps me a lot.

  3. Ok, I can’t even listen to this one because it’s so close to “home” and it was just one year ago that I was getting everything together to come here on Nov 29th. I lived in El Cajon but for 10 years worked for the Navy in Point Loma. Almost 5 of the years involved following the 8 to the end to get to Point Loma. I will tell you that besides the beauty in San Diego I do not miss driving or the traffic. If in fact you are in San Diego and haven’t connected with the Dutch community there I would recommend it. You can kijk on and from there connect to the Dutch Meetup, great group of people, of which I was one of the first 2 members, with fun activities.

  4. Finally listened to it and after having just gone through directions in inburgering, this provided more info. This is right near my friend’s house and I believe, unless they changed something, you actually linksaf the DMV to get to the verkeerslichten, rechtsaf and you come to my friend’s street at the next kruising straat. I appreciate hearing Femmke.:) She is a woman who has done her homework and more and has a good voice.

    Thank you so much for these fun lessons which enhance what I am learning, and I think are much more practical and realistic than some of the stuff!

  5. I just got back from my trip to Tilburg and these lessons really helped. I was able to understand quite a bit of the Dutch that was spoken to/near me, even with the Brabant accent that I was warned of by my friends. I also was able to give someone directions to a busstop IN DUTCH. Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Brenno,
    I just realised Laura possibly wasn’t the best username to pick, me not being the Laura of the title. I just wanted to say, great podcast. I’m finally up to date with your podcasts – I’ve been listening to 2 or 3 a week for a few months now. I have a couple of requests if it’s not too cheeky. The first one is, could you do a podcast on who we should say jij/jullie to and who we should say u to? The second one is would it be possible for you to go over the difference between how the letters f, w and v are pronounced (could you maybe explain what to listen for, I’m not sure I managed to hear a difference between v and w in the alphabet podcast at all)

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