#26: Belgium, the history in a nutshell

In this episode we’re talking about Belgium. The country is connected to the southern part of our country and once was part of our little nation. But since they declared independence this is no longer the case. In this episode I’ll highlight the history and next time we’ll talk about the culture somewhat. Please be aware that the language may be somewhat harder than other episodes, but hey we’re on a learning experience here! Read along with the podcast and you’ll be just fine! Continue reading #26: Belgium, the history in a nutshell

Update to website

As you might notice has the website been update with new software. Hopefully this enhances your experience at this site. Let me know if there are any problems! I also have added the podcastfeed to a few new directories, which will hopefully add some new listeners to the website. Over the coming weeks I’ll try and setup a forum so that you exchange experiences on learning Dutch and the Dutch culture. Enjoy!

#25: Will you be my Valentine?

It’s almost that day: Valentine’s day. That is a special day and you probably want to talk to your sweetheart. Let me get you jumpstarted on some basic tings to say. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Continue reading #25: Will you be my Valentine?