Happy Birthday Laura!

Laura has her birthday on February 29th. So today or tomorrow we can celebrate her birthday. It’s hard to make up your mind on this one, but I’m happy she’s there and I can only say: Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Laura posing next to our Queen

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Laura!”

  1. Hey Brenno,
    thats funny. I also have my birthday on the February 29th. I always celebrate it at the 1st of march because of the bad luck you’ll have when you celebrate it in advance. ;o) Your podcast is great. Its really helpful for me because my schatje is dutch. Especially the 9th episode was very good. ;o) Keep it up! Best wishes and greetings from Germany.

  2. Hey! Is that a ring on Laura’s finger??!!

    een bluiloft misschien????

    Danku voor een prima podcast!

    Veel plezier!


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