Laura speaks Dutch 32: Talking Mobile Phone or the iPhone


For once we make a change from our regular tour of the Netherlands and we are going to talk about mobile telephony. Thanks to all the buzz that Apple created with their iPhone it may be fun to talk about that for a while, run through a couple of telephony details on how to make phone calls, how the system works and differs from the US-system. Of course we will talk about the device itself as well. Don’t run away, because I promise not to turn you all into geeks.

This is what you will learn:

  • This week thousands of people in the US were standing in line to buy a phone | Deze week stonden duizenden mensen in de rij in de Verenigde Staten om een telefoon te kopen
  • Well, stood in line…. | Nou in de rij staan ….
  • Actually they were camping in line | Eigenlijk kampeerden ze in de rij.
  • The phone, called the iPhone, is a mobile phone with a lot of extra features | De telefoon, de iPhone, is een mobiele telefoon met veel extra mogelijkheden
  • Friend or foe agree: | Vriend en vijand zijn het er over eens:
  • Apple did it again | Apple heeft het hem weer geflikt
  • The device looks slick, has the same magic as an iPod and seems to be extremely user friendly | Het apparaat ziet er gaaf uit, heeft de magie van een iPod en lijkt extreem gebruikersvriendelijk te zijn
  • Of course there is also criticism | Natuurlijk is er ook kritiek
  • The device is expensive | Het apparaat is duur
  • You have to get a subscription from AT&T| U moet het kopen met een abonnement van AT & T
  • Technical experts say the memory is not enough and you can’t replace the battery | Technische experts zeggen dat het geheugen niet voldoende is en dat je de batterij niet kunt vervangen
  • In Europe we will have to wait until December | In Europa moeten we wachten tot December
  • Whatever you think mobile telephony is hot again | Wat u ook denkt: mobiele telefonie is weer hot

2 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch 32: Talking Mobile Phone or the iPhone”

  1. How funny — I was just about to listen to a podcast about the iPhone when I noticed there was a new LsD (for want of a better acronym) and it was about the iPhone 🙂 (Given your job I suppose it’s not that surprising …)

    PS. I can’t wait for the Noord-Brabant ep — very curious to hear what you have to say about my province. Mainly because I know nothing about it 🙂

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