Laura speaks Dutch 34: The province of Brabant

Sorry for keeping you waiting so long, but Laura and I came to the realization that our relationship didn’t work out. So we broke up and that hurts of course. But there is a community here and we both thought it would be worthwhile to continue the podcast. So let’s get to work: This time we visit the beautiful province of Brabant.

We talk about Philips, nature and Eindhoven the fith city of the Netherlands.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • During the last lesson we went to Zeeland | In de laatste les gingen we naar Zeeland;
  • Now we head somewhat more east and arrive in the province of Brabant | Nu gaan we iets meer oostelijk en komen we in de provincie Brabant;
  • Over the last 100 years the province has become a lot more urban than most people realize | Gedurende de laatste honderd jaar is de provincie meer verstedelijkt dan veel mensen zich realizeren;
  • Fortunately there is still a lot of beautiful nature in parks | Gelukkig is er nog veel natuurschoon in parken;
  • Personally I’m stunned by the beautiful “Biesbosch” | Persoonlijk ben ik erg onder de indruk van de schoonheid van de Biesbosch;
  • But also “De Grote Peel” is worth a visit | Ook “De Grote Peel” is een bezoek waard;
  • Eindhoven, the bigest city, is the fith city of the Netherlands in size | Eindhoven, de grootste stad, is qua omvang de vijfde stad van Nederland;
  • Eindhoven is sometimes called the City of Lights | Eindhoven wordt soms de Lichtstad genoemd;
  • That is because of the presence of Philips that used to have their headquarters there | Dat komt door de aanwezigheid van Philips, die daar het hoofdkantoor had;
  • Philips is still big in the region, but the board is in Amsterdam | Philips is nog steeds groot in de regio, maar de directie zetelt in Amsterdam;
  • Thanks to this company Eindhoven has their own airport | Dankzij het bedrijf heeft Eindhoven zijn eigen vliegveld;
  • Brabant is known as a Catholic province | Brabant staat bekend als een Katholieke provincie;
  • During the years of the reformation most people held on to their faith | Gedurende de jaren van de reformatie behielden de meeste mensen hun geloof;

One thought on “Laura speaks Dutch 34: The province of Brabant”

  1. I was planing to tell you why your voice sound sad in the 33 eps, but when i reached to this one 34 i relized .. Sorry to hear about your relation. But its great to see that u didnt deside to stop these Episods, me and sure many like me are learing great deal from you.

    Thanks meneer and wish u happiness.


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