Laura speaks Dutch #36: A job interview

In this podcast we focus on a job interview. I received an e-mail with that request and must say that is a good idea to touch that subject. We practice a telephone interview with some basics. Of course for the indepth you still have to talk English, but this helps you really making the most important impression: the first! Making that positive really helps!

Of course I do stop first to pay respect to all the people in San Diego, that I know so well, that have been affected by the terrible wildfires. That is just horrific. Laura, George & Karen I’m thinking of you guys, especially since it came so close and some of your friends lost their houses! Also a big thumbs up for the firemen that worked so extremely hard to fight this!

Read on to learn the phrases.

Performing an interview

I got an e-mail from Jennifer with the request to learn some Dutch on what to say in an interview. She wants to works in the Netherlands and wants to be able to impress somewhat in Dutch. So let’s help her and here we go. Let’s pretend we’re on the phone:

Good day my name is Jennifer | Goedendag mijn naam is Jennifer
I’m calling because of the position in your company | Ik bel voor de vacature in uw bedrijf
Ah good afternoon. Do you speak Dutch? | Ah goedenmiddag. Spreekt u Nederlands?
Well I just learned some on a podcast and am eager to learn more | Nou ik heb wat in een podcast geleerd en wil graag meer leren
Well good going so far! | Nou tot zover gaat het u goed af!
Thank you! It’s a fun language to learn | Dankuwel! Het is een leuke taal om te leren!
Allright. I have looked at your resume and it looks good! | Ok. Ik heb naar uw CV gekeken en dat ziet er goed uit!
Great! I’m really the person you are looking for. I have built a lot of experience | Ik denk dat ik de persoon ben die u zoekt. Ik heb aardig wat ervaring opgedaan.
I do have a couple of questions for your | Ik heb een paar vragen voor u
Maybe we should switch to English then, since my Dutch understanding is limited | Misschien moeten we dan Engels spreken, want ik begrijp nog niets alles in het Nederlands
That sounds like a good plan | Dat lijkt mij een goed idee
We can go a little bit more indepth then | We kunnen dan iets meer de diepte ingaan

Near the end of the conversation:
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me | Dank u voor de tijd die u nam om met me te praten
You’re welcome | Graag gedaan
Have a good day | Een prettige dag nog
You too | U ook
See you | Tot ziens
Bye Jennifer! | Dag, Jennifer!

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