New section in the podcast

Laura speaks Dutch has turned into more than just a language lesson. Quite often I get questions and some are too much information to turn into a single episode. Sometimes it is just useful to have background information. For this reason I start a new section: “Your questions answered.”

The idea is simpel: you can sent in questions related to the Dutch, the Netherlands or related topics and I will go out and investigate them. At the end of each episode a short interview or answer in another way will be added to the podcast giving you the answer and relevant information. The aim is to make this fun and interesting. So send your question (in text or audio) to [email protected] and I’ll get right on it! Off course you can leave a comment underneath this for everyone to see.

Laura speaks Dutch #41: The province of Gelderland

After all the celebrations we did in the podcast on Sinterklaas we would easily forget that we still have to finish our tourSource: Wikipedia. The position of Gelderland on the map of the Netherlands through the country. We visited Limburg and now we are going backup up. Above Limburg is Noord Brabant a province we discussed a couple of weeks ago. Above that is my home-province and that is Gelderland. It is a pretty nice and maybe the name doesn’t ring a bell, but when I tell you that Arnhem is the capital many people will have some sigh of recognition. So let’s go home! In a month or so I will do a second podcast on Gelderland, because there is so much more to tell.

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Laura speaks Dutch #40: Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen met je knecht!

Zwarte Piet on a Harley DavidsonOne of the big things of the Sinterklaasfeest is singing the songs. In the previous episode I featured a song especially sung for the podcast. Now it is time to take it to the next level and learn you the text. Besides that I want to teach you a couple of words to help you party a little bit better. So another Sinterklaas epidsode.
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Laura speaks Dutch #39: Sinterklaas arrived!

SinterklaasSomething really traditional happened today: Like every year Sinterklaas (see picture) arrived in our country. Typically that is very celebrational with music, singing songs and of course many, many children. He will stay for three weeks and celebrate his birthday as he has done for centuries. That means the good times for children are beginning, because they get gifts. First by placing a shoe near the chimney and singing songs at night, secondly on the evening before (December 5th) presents will suddenly arrive and the Good Holy Man might throw in a poem. Time to learn more about this event. Read on to see what you will learn.

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Now the Germans know us too

Today a someone I once met pointed me to an article about Laura speaks Dutch in one of the leading newspapers in Germany. Go figure: His wife is in Germany, reads the paper and links this to me. The article is clearly funny and a must read if you speak German. There are a few facts a little bit different, but who cares. This is really funny. So German-speaking listeners: Welcome!

Laura speaks Dutch #38: The province of Limburg

The province LimburgWith loads of extra listeners tuning in, thanks to the article on Reuters, there is a urgent need for a new podcast. The show will be a little bit different, because at the end I will speak the whole story out. That tip I got and I think it is a very valuable addition. So here is the story: We are back on our tour through the Netherlands again and this time we touch base with Limburg. That is the most southern part of our country. The region is different in language and culture, but very valuable to all of us. Read on for the phrases.

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The podcast featured on Reuters

Last week I was interviewed by Foo Yun Chee, who works for Reuters. She wrote a beautiful article about the podcast. Since Reuters is a newswire many websites used the story on their website. So the story was on Yahoo, MSNBC, the Washington Post and many other websites. The last days the podcasts have been downloaded a lot more than usual, which of course is very nice! Welcome to all the new listeners and expect a new podcast soon!

Laura speaks Dutch #37: Strange things we Dutch say

Maybe we’re a little bit fringe in the Netherlands. You sometimes hear these strange stories about out country. Of course when it’s in the media it is always true ;). But hey we are a bit different though. We Dutch have some very strange sayings. In this episode of Laura speaks Dutch we go out and explore those things. I selected the most prominent sayings and hope you will like them. Continue reading Laura speaks Dutch #37: Strange things we Dutch say