Laura speaks Dutch #37: Strange things we Dutch say

Maybe we’re a little bit fringe in the Netherlands. You sometimes hear these strange stories about out country. Of course when it’s in the media it is always true ;). But hey we are a bit different though. We Dutch have some very strange sayings. In this episode of Laura speaks Dutch we go out and explore those things. I selected the most prominent sayings and hope you will like them.

Here’s today’s lesson:

  • If you behave normal, you’re acting weird enough | Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je gek genoeg;
  • What is that hanging on my bike? | Wat heb ik nou aan mijn fiets hangen?
  • Only the sun rises for free | Voor niets gaat de zon op;
  • It’s raining pipe-stems | Het regent pijpenstelen;
  • High trees catch a lot of wind | Hoge bomen vangen veel wind;
  • That brakes my clog! | Nou breekt me mijn klomp
  • One idiot can cask more than a hundred wise men can answer | Een gek kan meer vragen, dan honderd wijzen kunnen antwoorden
  • Throwing the child away with the bath water | Het kind met het badwater weggooien

2 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #37: Strange things we Dutch say”

  1. I love these sayings. These are great things to memorize. More sayings like this and even short poems and/or jokes would be great in future podcasts.

    Dank U wel

  2. Hi Brenno.

    I am a good friend of your cousin, Esther S. I live in Boxtel and have been visiting your site here off and on for about a year now.

    As an American living now in Holland for a year, learning these sayings is really helpful! I never know if the same expressions are used in Dutch that are used in English.

    Ik spreek Nederlands maar ik ben nog niet vloeiend. Ik maak veel fouten en heb problemen met snelle praten van de Nederlandse mensen!

    Hartstikke bedankt voor deze uitstekende taal middel!


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