The podcast featured on Reuters

Last week I was interviewed by Foo Yun Chee, who works for Reuters. She wrote a beautiful article about the podcast. Since Reuters is a newswire many websites used the story on their website. So the story was on Yahoo, MSNBC, the Washington Post and many other websites. The last days the podcasts have been downloaded a lot more than usual, which of course is very nice! Welcome to all the new listeners and expect a new podcast soon!

One thought on “The podcast featured on Reuters”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I am a Canadian that will be moving over to NL by next September. I am trying to learn a bit of Dutch before I go over to make things a little easier for myself since my boyfriend’s children do not speak English very well. So this will be a great learning experiance for all of us.
    I love how you make the podcast upbeat and interesting and you include information about the Netherlands. Thank you again for all of this. 🙂

    A fan in Toronto,

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