Merry Christmas to y’all!

Dear all,

Thanks for your continued support over the last year, the fload of e-mails, the feedback, the many compliments and the mails of support. That was really special and remarkable. It is funny to see that the podcast touches so many people. Even though the relationship with Laura is over this is still fun to do. I hope you people have a great Christmas (if you celebrate it) and continue to learn Dutch in 2008. I look forward to serving you then!


Brenno de Winter

Laura speaks Dutch #43: Going to the Doctor and the police speaks out!

Mayor Job Cohen does the Chanoekkah PrayerIn this episode we have several interesting things going on. We start by going to the doctor and complain about pain. After the lesson we focus on a whole different kind-of-thing: people that are being searched in the Netherlands without a warrant. The Paul Koetsier, spokesperson for the police in Gelderland, explains why. Finally we end with a prayer (see photo) at the Dam-square where mayor Job Cohen prays and then lits the Channukah-torch. This was the first time ever!

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Laura speaks Dutch #42: Talking to kids

In this episode we are going to help out Becky. She is coming to the Netherlands as an Au Pairs and she wants to be able to say some things to the kids. So we made up a list of things you can say. Of course many of the sentence are useful in a context with grown ups (if we ever do). Also as of now we have the section “Your question answered”, where your questions will be investigated and answered. The first question is quite urgent, since Jennifer wants to know why Sinterklaas comes from Spain. The answer …. is in this show.

Also at the very end of the show there is an interview I had with Radio Netherlands Worldwide for a new and fun program called Curious Orange. But let’s go our lesson first.

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