Article on Laura speaks Dutch in Japanese. Cool!

Yesterday I asked for help on the translation of the Japanese article today somebody helped me out! Mao-Yuan Kao sent me the translation. Thanks!! It turns out that this is the Reuters-article translated from English to Japanese and now back again. What incredibly cool!

[アムステルダム 6日 ロイター] オランダ人の男性(35)が遠く離れた場所に住む女性に求愛するために始めたポッドキャストが、世界中の人気を集めている。2006年半ばの開始時から多くのファンを集め、中国からアクセスする人もいるという。

[Amsterdam 6 Reuters] A Dutch was pursuing his love who is leaving far from him, and started this podcast. This podcast is very popular in the world. It started to gather a lot of fans since the middle of 2006. It’s been heard that there are subscribers from China too.

この男性はITジャーナリストのBrenno de Winterさん。ローラさんという女性と1週間過ごした後に恋に落ち、気持ちを伝えるためにポッドキャスト(を利用し始めたという。

This man is a IT journalist. His name is Brenno de Winter. After falling in love with a woman named Laura for one week, he started this podcast to express his feelings, and use as the website link.

De Winterさんは「ローラはサンディエゴに住んでいて、自分はオランダにいる。自分は恋い焦がれてた」コメント。「電話もできるし花も贈れるが、それだとそのうち手詰まりになってしまう」と語った。

De Winter said ” Laura lives in San Diego, and I live in the Netherlands. I am deeply in love.” “Although I can call her by phone, I can send her flowers, but things just stopped there.”


In his site, he introduces Dutch culture, famous places in Holland, and posted photos for views around his life. That may be the reason why there are so many fans who are attracted by this site.

De Winterさんによると、当初は2回だけの配信で終わらせるつもりだったものの、反響が非常に大きく、2回の配信後には1000人のリスナーを獲得していた。現在では、米国や英国、ドイツなどのリスナーにより、月平均3万回はダウンロードされているという。

According to Mr. De Winter, originally the podcast would be finished after the first two podcasts; however, a lot of people are attracted by it. After the first two podcasts, there are already 1000 listeners. Now, the average downloading is 30,000 times per month, from listeners in America, British, Germany and etc.

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