Laura speaks Dutch #42: Talking to kids

In this episode we are going to help out Becky. She is coming to the Netherlands as an Au Pairs and she wants to be able to say some things to the kids. So we made up a list of things you can say. Of course many of the sentence are useful in a context with grown ups (if we ever do). Also as of now we have the section “Your question answered”, where your questions will be investigated and answered. The first question is quite urgent, since Jennifer wants to know why Sinterklaas comes from Spain. The answer …. is in this show.

Also at the very end of the show there is an interview I had with Radio Netherlands Worldwide for a new and fun program called Curious Orange. But let’s go our lesson first.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Goodmorning, it’s time to wake up | Goedemorgen, het is tijd om op te staan
  • We start off with breakfast | We gaan eerst ontbijten
  • Wash your hands, first | Eerst je handen wassen!
  • Enjoy your meal | Eet smakelijk
  • Okay, let’s brush our teeth | Ok, laten we gaan tandenpoetsen
  • Fully dressed? | Helemaal aangekleed?
  • Good | Mooi
  • Then you can go to school | Dan kunnen jullie naar school!
  • Was it fun at school? | Was het leuk op school?
  • Have you got any homework to do? | Heb je nog huiswerk te doen?
  • Let’s go to the park | Laten we naar het park gaan!
  • Let’s go to the playground | Laten we naar de speeltuin gaan
  • Be careful | Wees voorzichtig
  • I warned you | Ik had je nog zo gewaarschuwd
  • Behave! | Gedraag je!
  • It’s bath time | Tijd om in bad te gaan
  • What do you want for dinner? | Wat wil je eten?
  • Fries of course! | Patat natuurlijk!
  • Great Job! | Goed gedaan!
  • Time to go to bed | Tijd om naar bed te gaan
  • Sleep tight | Slaap lekker
  • See you tomorrow | Tot morgen

One thought on “Laura speaks Dutch #42: Talking to kids”

  1. Hi meneer
    Hope your doing well, It’s getting a bet harder specially with me due to my daily work which force me to speak, read and write English and Arabic. Can you spare some time to explain about grammar ? But i wish if you can say the words then but them in a sentence.
    I know many people are requesting a lot from and your giving it free to all, and thats why i like to help you in then specially for people who don’t speak English, If you like I can translate all Epds to Arabic and give it you ? if you think it’s a good idea I will do it in 2 or 3 days maximum.
    Thanks any way .. and wish you good luck.

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