Laura speaks Dutch #43: Going to the Doctor and the police speaks out!

Mayor Job Cohen does the Chanoekkah PrayerIn this episode we have several interesting things going on. We start by going to the doctor and complain about pain. After the lesson we focus on a whole different kind-of-thing: people that are being searched in the Netherlands without a warrant. The Paul Koetsier, spokesperson for the police in Gelderland, explains why. Finally we end with a prayer (see photo) at the Dam-square where mayor Job Cohen prays and then lits the Channukah-torch. This was the first time ever!

A doctor from Australia with a boyfriend in the Netherlands wants to be able to go to the doctor and talk some medical terms. Since everybody – unfortunately – sometimes needs to see a doctor this is very useful so I threw it in the lesson. Here is what you will learn:

  • Hello, my name is Dr De Winter, what has brought you in today? | Hallo mijn naam is Dokter De Winter, waarmee kan ik u van dienst zijn?
  • Doctor I have something so strange | Dokter ik heb toch zo iets geks
  • Oh tell me | Vertel!
  • Well when I hold my index finger against my foreheard it hurts terribly | Als ik mijn wijsvinger tegen mijn hoofd houdt doet het verschrikkelijk pijn
  • Oh really? | Werkelijk?
  • Yeah and when I press against my belly it hurts even more | Als ik tegen mijn buik druk doet het nog meer pijn
  • Gosh | Goh
  • The same happens when pressing against my chest | Hetzelfde gebeurt als ik tegen mijn borst druk
  • Have you got it for long, now? | Heeft u dit al lang?
  • Yes three days | Ja drie dagen
  • Well, well I see | Hmm, duidelijk
  • Ah you know what it is? | U weet wat het is?
  • Yes! Your finger is broken | Ja, uw vinger is gebroken

Some additional words:

  • Stomach | Buik
  • Pain | Pijn
  • Painkillers | Pijnstillers
  • Can you describe the pain to me? | Kunt u de pijn beschrijven?
  • It feels sharp | Het voelt scherp

Here is another picture of the Chanukah-gathering with all the candles burning. Pretty nice!

The candle is burning!

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