Laura speaks Dutch #44: Do you speak English?

Sorry for keeping you waiting a bit, but here is a brand new Laura speaks Dutch. In this episode we talk about speaking English, intimate (gezellig), food and other important stuff. With regard to Your question answered we have a question on the use of the J. Sometimes we say that character (Ja) and sometimes we don’t (Wij, Vijf, etc.). Also we learn about the difference between ij (long ij) and ei (short ij).

Here’s what you will learn:

Do you speak English? | Spreekt u Engels?
Yes! | Jazeker!
That’s nice | Dat is mooi!
Of course many Dutchies speak English | Natuurlijk veel Nederlanders spreken Engels
Really? | Werkelijk?
Oh yes, that’s what most of us learn at school | Jazeker, de meeste van ons leren dat op school
I’m still learning Dutch, you know | Weet u, ik leer nog steeds Nederlands
Well, you’re doing just fine | Nou dat gaat u goed af
Can I ask you something else? | Mag ik u nog iets vragen?
But of course! | Natuurlijk!
Do you know this restaurant? | Kent u dit restaurant?
Oh yes that is very homy | Ja dat is erg gezellig
Is the food good? | Is het eten goed?
Well, just okay | Nou dat gaat nogal
Hmm, I’d beter visit that other place then | Hmm, misschien kan ik beter naar die andere tent gaan
Good plan | Goed plan
Well thanks | Nou bedankt
You’re welcome | Graag gedaan
Actually that went well in Dutch | Eigenlijk ging dat goed in het Nederlands
Thanks | Bedankt!

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