Laura speaks Dutch #51: Soccer turns Holland orange

It is that time of year again: the European Championships soccer have begun and that means that our world turns orange again. So I’ll focus on that for this episode. This week is the first round of games. If we survive that – and we took a bunch of good competitors in drawing from the lottery – we make it to the next round. In that case you’ll hear me cry victory (if we don’t I’ll cry wolf).

Here’s today’s lesson:

European Championship | Europees kampioenschap

The European Championship soccer has started | Het EK-voetbal is gestart
This year Switserland and Austria are the organisers | Dit jaar zijn Zwitserland en Oostenrijk de organisatoren
Today the Netherlands play their first match in Bern | Vandaag speelt Nederland de eerste wedstrijd in Bern
The Dutch team will meet Italy | Het Nederlandse team ontmoet Italiƫ
That is not an easy match, let me tell you | Laat me je vertellen: dat wordt niet gemakkelijk

We will also play against Rumania and France | We spelen ook tegen Roemeniƫ en Frankrijk
If we win two out of three games we will reach the next round | Als we twee van de drie wedstrijden winnen, gaan we door naar de volgende ronde
That would be great | Dat zou geweldig zijn

Now to help you support the Netherlands | Om u te helpen Nederland te steunen
Go Netherlands Go! | Hup Holland Hup
Attack! | Aanvallen!
When things go right | Als het goed gaat
Sing | Zing
We’re teaching soccer | We geven voetballes!

When something goes wrong | Als er iets verkeerd gaat
The coach is to blame | Het ligt aan de coach
Was the referee really independent? | Was de scheidsrechter wel onafhankelijk?

2 thoughts on “Laura speaks Dutch #51: Soccer turns Holland orange”

  1. Hi Brenno,
    what a nice lesson, teaching us about football!
    I’m actually from Austria but I hope the Netherlands will do it and win!

    Hup Holland Hup!!!

  2. Hello Brenno,

    I have recently started learning Dutch and have went through all your podcasts. I really like them and I say this after having shopped around the web for a while. I do have a friendly suggestion though: my interests lie in literature and specifically poetry, so I would love to here an episode about the Dutch art culture. Rembrandt and Van Gogh of course, but I am curious about the great poets/writers of the Netherlands. Maybe you could go through a classic Dutch poem. Anyway, thanks for doing all this; I know it’s work, but I hope it to be a labor of love.

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