Laura speaks Dutch 53: Meet the family

In this episode we talk about the family. How is everyone called? A good way to have a look at that is to talk about the most famous family gathering: de birthdays. We have touched that before in the birthday song in episode 15. As usual the text that you learn is available as well.Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Dutch have their own way of celebrating birthdays | De Nederlanders hebben hun eigen manier om  verjaardagen te vieren
  • With family they tend to sit in a circle | Met de familie gaat men dan in een kring zitten
  • It is some kind of social gathering | Het is een soort sociale bijeenkomst
  • In most cases the whole family is there | In de meeste gevallen is de hele familie er
  • Mom and dad or the parents | Moeder en vader ofwel de ouders
  • The brothers or brother | De broers of broer
  • The sisters or sister | De zussen of zus
  • But also grandparents | Maar ook grootouders
  • So grandfather and grandmother | Dus opa en oma
  • And let’s not forget the nieces or niece | En laten we de nichten of nicht niet vergeten
  • Or the nephews or nephew | Of de neven of neef
  • Sometimes the best friends are invited as well | Soms worden ook de beste vrienden uitgenodigd
  • But quite often friends celebrate the birthday independent of the family | Maar vaak vieren vrienden de verjaardag onafhankelijk van de familie

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  1. My name is Tamara, I come from Croatia, and I have been living and studying in Utrecht for 4 years now. I just discovered your website and am already at les 13. And I’m loving it! Since my study is in English and most of my friends are international, I know really a little bit of Dutch, mostly phrases. I’m really getting to learn the language much better through your website. I also have a grammar book and I look up the dutch word of the day too 🙂 I noticed that you stopped posting more lessons, and I’m sending this email to ask you whether this is temporary or have you stopped doing this all in all? I truly hope not!!

    In any case, thank you so much for dedicating your time and doing this, you really are a good teacher 🙂


    P.S. How do you spell Purple in dutch? Paars?

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