Laura speaks Dutch 55: The subject of a sentence

It is time to focus on grammar again I learned from the Laura Speaks Dutch-facebook group. So let’s have a look at the subject of a sentence. Not the easiest lesson, but still very interesting.
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Got it! A Laura speaks Dutch Facebook Group!

For more than a year I have been figuring what to do with the still growing community of people that listen to Laura speaks Dutch. The numbers of the visitors are amazing (last month without making a new episode I had 149,609 visitors and the number of downloads are off the chart. Only based of the 20 best visited links I could determine that I served over 500,000 mp3’s I discovered yesterday! Going through my logs I guess I may have delivered almost 800,000 mp3’s to people. My computer is not standing in a datacenter in vain.

But how can we be better in touch? I have started a group on Facebook that obviously is named “Laura speaks Dutch” which can be a haven for people to meet, exchange experiences, ask questions and request things for the podcast. By starting that I hope to get a more alive community. Of course you can still reach me by mail or through Twitter. I plan to add many, many new episodes so let’s stay in touch and get some community working here. Thanks! Dank u!

Laura speaks Dutch 54: Sinterklaas is back (terug)

As every year Sinterklaas is back in the Netherlands. Of course we all beleive in him and are happy to meet him again. Last saturday he arrived in our country and as you can see in the picture that is cause for celebration. Children are dancing and that is such a pretty sight. So here is another Sinterklaas-lesson.

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