Got it! A Laura speaks Dutch Facebook Group!

For more than a year I have been figuring what to do with the still growing community of people that listen to Laura speaks Dutch. The numbers of the visitors are amazing (last month without making a new episode I had 149,609 visitors and the number of downloads are off the chart. Only based of the 20 best visited links I could determine that I served over 500,000 mp3’s I discovered yesterday! Going through my logs I guess I may have delivered almost 800,000 mp3’s to people. My computer is not standing in a datacenter in vain.

But how can we be better in touch? I have started a group on Facebook that obviously is named “Laura speaks Dutch” which can be a haven for people to meet, exchange experiences, ask questions and request things for the podcast. By starting that I hope to get a more alive community. Of course you can still reach me by mail or through Twitter. I plan to add many, many new episodes so let’s stay in touch and get some community working here. Thanks! Dank u!

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