Laura speaks Dutch 54: Sinterklaas is back (terug)

As every year Sinterklaas is back in the Netherlands. Of course we all beleive in him and are happy to meet him again. Last saturday he arrived in our country and as you can see in the picture that is cause for celebration. Children are dancing and that is such a pretty sight. So here is another Sinterklaas-lesson.

There are the prhases that you will learn:

  • As every year we celebrate the arrival of Sinterklaas | Zoals iedere jaar vieren wij de aankomst van Sinterklaas
  • This remains a unique Dutch tradion | Dit blijft een unieke Nederlandse traditie
  • Last Saturday the good man came to the Netherlands | Afgelopen zaterdag kwam de goede man naar Nederland
  • This time he arrived in Almere | Deze keer kwam hij aan in Almere
  • As usual he took the boat from Spain | Zoals gewoonlijk nam hij de boot uit Spanje
  • Part of the television show is the “probleem” | Onderdeel van de televisie show is het “probleem”
  • This time to boat nearly got stuck | Deze keer kwam de boot bijna vast te zitten
  • But of course everything turned out okay | Maar gelukkig kwam alles weer goed
  • So the children can be happy | Dus de kinderen kunnen gelukkig zijn
  • Also this year Sinterklaas will drop by | Sinterklaas komt ook dit jaar weer langs

In the podcast I mentioned a new podast I started with the English-spoken interviews from my Dutch Computer Security Podcast. So here you can find the Security Update.

One thought on “Laura speaks Dutch 54: Sinterklaas is back (terug)”

  1. Halo Laura,

    I am Haldon, a Jamaican who finds it so nice to be able to listen, learn and practice to speak dutch via your podcast! I congratulate your effort in assisting the rest of the world who has an interest in learning the Dutch language and your time devoted in making it possible for us to see improvement in our daily journey for be able to speak Dutch.

    I however have one simple request and that is; If a PDF format of the podcast series can also be made available on your website as a option to be able to read along with the audio. It would be nice to see how some of the words are spelt that I am with.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


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