Laura speaks Dutch 56: Speeching at a wedding

This episode is a fringe one. It is the first one after a very, very long break. My father has passed way and I just couldn’t get myself to do a new episode and thus didn’t. But life goes one and now that regular things are back on track it is time for Laura speaks Dutch again. The reason I got to do this podcast again is a upcoming wedding and the groom gearing up to speak in Dutch. Now can we ignore such a plea? Of course not! So here’s the speech David wants to give at his wedding.Here’s your lesson:

Wedding – Trouwerij

I would first of all like to say a few words in Dutch – Ik zou graag een paar woorden in het Nederlands willen zeggen.
please forgive me for any mis-pronounciation! – Vergeef me als ik iets niet goed uitspreek.

My wife, Sarah, and I would like to thank you all for coming all this way to help celebrate this beautiful day with us.  – Mijn vrouw Sarah and ik willen jullie bedanken dat jullie van zover gekomen zijn om deze dag met ons te vieren.
I have been so excited about this day for such a long time! – Ik ben al tijden zo opgewonden over deze dag.

I would like to sincerely thank Anne Marie for all the help with the wedding preparations. – Ik wil een bijzondere dank uitspreken voor Anne Marie voor alle hulp met de voorbereiding voor het huwelijk
Also for helping us move houses 2 weeks ago – Ook met het verhuizen twee weken geleden
I feel lucky to have such a wonderful mother in law who is always so willing to help others before she helps herself. – Ik voel me zo gelukkig met zo’n schoonmoeder die altijd bereid is om anderen eerst te helpen en dan pas aan haarzelf te denken.
May I congratulate Phillip and yourself for having raised such a great and beautiful daughter! – Mag ik Phillip en jou feliciteren dat jullie zo’n geweldige en mooi dochter heeft opgevoed

I would like to thank grandma for being such an inspiration to Sarah and I apologise for all the unanswered cards! – Ook oma wil ik bedanken dat ze zo’n inspiratie voor Sarah is en ik verontschuldig me voor alle onbeantwoorde kaarten.

May I say how lucky I am to marry into this fantastic, friendly wonderful Dutch family. – Mag ik zeggen dat ik zeer gelukkig ben om in deze fantastische, vriendelijke Nederlandse familie te komen door dit huwelijk?
I am so proud to be able to introduce them to my own family! – Ik ben zo trots ze aan mijn eigen familie te introduceren.

Lastly, and most importantly may I address Sarah. – Tot slot wil ik me richten tot Sarah
I think you look so beautiful tonight. – Ik vind je zo mooi vanavond
You are truely gorgeous. – Je bent werkelijk schitterend
I am delighted to be your husband and I will always respect and honour you. – Ik ben zo blij je man te zijn en zal je altijd respecteren en eren.
Thank you for everything you have done for me. – Bedankt voor alles wat je voor me hebt gedaan

I hope you don’t mind if I carry on in an easier language for now on! – Ik hoop dat jullie het niet erg vinden dat ik nu in een eenvoudigere taal doorga.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m sorry to hear about your father, our condolences to you and your family.

    ..and omfg!, I knew that keeping the itunes subscription of this podcast was not a lost cause! 😀

    My fiancee (who is dutch) and I will be getting married this next November, so this podcast really hit the spot!

    Thanks for the work you do in this podcast, it’s really appreciated.

    Monterrey, Mexico

  2. I will not give you condolence today. Bcoz I think it is long gone. But instead, congratulations for braving yourself forward and carrying with this wonderful podcast Brenno. I’m glad I subscribed to your podcast a while back. Its been sitting dormant in iTunes and what do you know, an update!! Thank you so much for the dedication you put on LSD. Hope to be in touch.

    H. Ismail
    Singapore – Netherlands

  3. Your podcast is much better than any of those “teach yourself _____ language.” Thank you so much and I hope to see many more of your excellent podcasts.

  4. this is awsome and is helping me a lot how to improve the Dutch language. is awsome!!! how can I get all the lessons? is there how i can do it?

  5. Hi Laura,

    I deeply appreciate what you have done during 3 years,
    it’s wonderful to find now your Dutch lesson.

    I hope this message finds you well and
    Thanks again for your generosity.

    Christophe – France

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