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Got it! A Laura speaks Dutch Facebook Group!

For more than a year I have been figuring what to do with the still growing community of people that listen to Laura speaks Dutch. The numbers of the visitors are amazing (last month without making a new episode I had 149,609 visitors and the number of downloads are off the chart. Only based of the 20 best visited links I could determine that I served over 500,000 mp3’s I discovered yesterday! Going through my logs I guess I may have delivered almost 800,000 mp3’s to people. My computer is not standing in a datacenter in vain.

But how can we be better in touch? I have started a group on Facebook that obviously is named “Laura speaks Dutch” which can be a haven for people to meet, exchange experiences, ask questions and request things for the podcast. By starting that I hope to get a more alive community. Of course you can still reach me by mail or through Twitter. I plan to add many, many new episodes so let’s stay in touch and get some community working here. Thanks! Dank u!

Merry Christmas to y’all!

Dear all,

Thanks for your continued support over the last year, the fload of e-mails, the feedback, the many compliments and the mails of support. That was really special and remarkable. It is funny to see that the podcast touches so many people. Even though the relationship with Laura is over this is still fun to do. I hope you people have a great Christmas (if you celebrate it) and continue to learn Dutch in 2008. I look forward to serving you then!


Brenno de Winter

New section in the podcast

Laura speaks Dutch has turned into more than just a language lesson. Quite often I get questions and some are too much information to turn into a single episode. Sometimes it is just useful to have background information. For this reason I start a new section: “Your questions answered.”

The idea is simpel: you can sent in questions related to the Dutch, the Netherlands or related topics and I will go out and investigate them. At the end of each episode a short interview or answer in another way will be added to the podcast giving you the answer and relevant information. The aim is to make this fun and interesting. So send your question (in text or audio) to [email protected] and I’ll get right on it! Off course you can leave a comment underneath this for everyone to see.

Learn Dutch using podcasting

This podcast has been created to help you speak Dutch. Using irregular episodes you’ll learn how to speak the language, some information on the Netherlands and some useful tips. I onced aimed at presenting five minute episodes that are easy to follow, informative and fun! Now the podcasts are of irregular length, but generally somewhere around ten minutes. I don’t claim to bring you a perfect Dutch course, but just a fun way to pick up some sayings and learn about out beautiful nation at the same time.

Why is this podcast called Laura speaks Dutch? Well in 2006 I met Laura Davis in San Diego. We fell in love and I wanted her to know what type of work I do and what a podcast is. It helped with the endless long distance between us (more than 6,000 miles is not really easy to overcome). Since the Internet is an open medium quite rapidly other people joined the party and the podcast started to really live. Meanwhile a large group of people are enjoying the lessons and that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately the distance killed the relationship in the end, but both Laura and I feel the podcast is a fun and good thing. We are still good friends and as you can’t erase the beautiful memory of the times we had together in the US and the Netherlands, the podcast is still some testimonial to that. So after a short interruption I continued the episodes and they are now available nearly every week. I will make them as long as it is fun to do so and that is clearly the case at the moment.

The concept is simple: After a short introduction I take a subject and teach sentences that match the subject. I repeat each sentence three times in order to help you repeat that better. After that I repeat the whole lesson so you hear the story in a coherent setting. Recently I started to end the show with a question about a certain subject, where an expert explains the answer or sometimes I myself give the answer. This will help you understand the Netherlands and the Dutch somewhat better. I don’t make up the question, but the listeners do by replying to a story or sending me e-mail.

Enjoy the podcasts and feel free to respond by e-mail or as a comment under an episode.