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Got it! A Laura speaks Dutch Facebook Group!

For more than a year I have been figuring what to do with the still growing community of people that listen to Laura speaks Dutch. The numbers of the visitors are amazing (last month without making a new episode I had 149,609 visitors and the number of downloads are off the chart. Only based of the 20 best visited links I could determine that I served over 500,000 mp3’s I discovered yesterday! Going through my logs I guess I may have delivered almost 800,000 mp3’s to people. My computer is not standing in a datacenter in vain.

But how can we be better in touch? I have started a group on Facebook that obviously is named “Laura speaks Dutch” which can be a haven for people to meet, exchange experiences, ask questions and request things for the podcast. By starting that I hope to get a more alive community. Of course you can still reach me by mail or through Twitter. I plan to add many, many new episodes so let’s stay in touch and get some community working here. Thanks! Dank u!

Please be patient

>ландшафтon the virge of posting a new episode, however there is a bug with Podpress a tool I use to post my podcasts that prevent me from posting. As I understand the developper is working hard to resolve the issue and then everything should be up and running again! Thanks for your patience!

Merry Christmas to y’all!

Dear all,

Thanks for your continued support over the last year, the fload of e-mails, the feedback, the many compliments and the mails of support. That was really special and remarkable. It is funny to see that the podcast touches so many people. Even though the relationship with Laura is over this is still fun to do. I hope you people have a great Christmas (if you celebrate it) and continue to learn Dutch in 2008. I look forward to serving you then!


Brenno de Winter

New section in the podcast

Laura speaks Dutch has turned into more than just a language lesson. Quite often I get questions and some are too much information to turn into a single episode. Sometimes it is just useful to have background information. For this reason I start a new section: “Your questions answered.”

The idea is simpel: you can sent in questions related to the Dutch, the Netherlands or related topics and I will go out and investigate them. At the end of each episode a short interview or answer in another way will be added to the podcast giving you the answer and relevant information. The aim is to make this fun and interesting. So send your question (in text or audio) to [email protected] and I’ll get right on it! Off course you can leave a comment underneath this for everyone to see.

Now the Germans know us too

Today a someone I once met pointed me to an article about Laura speaks Dutch in one of the leading newspapers in Germany. Go figure: His wife is in Germany, reads the paper and links this to me. The article is clearly funny and a must read if you speak German. There are a few facts a little bit different, but who cares. This is really funny. So German-speaking listeners: Welcome!

The podcast featured on Reuters

Last week I was interviewed by Foo Yun Chee, who works for Reuters. She wrote a beautiful article about the podcast. Since Reuters is a newswire many websites used the story on their website. So the story was on Yahoo, MSNBC, the Washington Post and many other websites. The last days the podcasts have been downloaded a lot more than usual, which of course is very nice! Welcome to all the new listeners and expect a new podcast soon!

Laura speaks Dutch #36: A job interview

In this podcast we focus on a job interview. I received an e-mail with that request and must say that is a good idea to touch that subject. We practice a telephone interview with some basics. Of course for the indepth you still have to talk English, but this helps you really making the most important impression: the first! Making that positive really helps!

Of course I do stop first to pay respect to all the people in San Diego, that I know so well, that have been affected by the terrible wildfires. That is just horrific. Laura, George & Karen I’m thinking of you guys, especially since it came so close and some of your friends lost their houses! Also a big thumbs up for the firemen that worked so extremely hard to fight this!

Read on to learn the phrases.
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Happy Birthday Laura!

Laura has her birthday on February 29th. So today or tomorrow we can celebrate her birthday. It’s hard to make up your mind on this one, but I’m happy she’s there and I can only say: Happy Birthday Sweetheart. Laura posing next to our Queen

Update to website

As you might notice has the website been update with new software. Hopefully this enhances your experience at this site. Let me know if there are any problems! I also have added the podcastfeed to a few new directories, which will hopefully add some new listeners to the website. Over the coming weeks I’ll try and setup a forum so that you exchange experiences on learning Dutch and the Dutch culture. Enjoy!

#24: The language of love (our podcast in a glossy!)

(the article)

In the most recent issue of the Dutch Glossy Living a whole page in the most recent issue is dedicated to Laura speaks Dutch. It’s a nice story that makes me proud, of course. But the problem is that the article is in Dutch and thus many of you cannot understand it (or only partially). So I thought it would be nice to make a special episode on this story and learn you the translation. The story itself is available as a PDF-file (including a picture). Here’s what you’ll learn in the lesson.

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